The Vintage Car Museum and Event Center, located on 100 East Fort Worth Highway, opened up recently to showcase old-school cars that harkened back to a different time in America. The museum is meant to complement the Vintage Grill next to it, which opened in January 2015.

The brainchild of Tom and Therese Moncrief, the two businesses were opened as a way to help revitalize the community. Once the ribbon was cut to the sounds of cheers and applause at the Thursday, Aug. 4 ribbon cutting ceremony, local residents toured the museum’s collection of cars. The museum will do more than just host cars as it can also function as an event building and has future plans for education.

“It has to become more of a destination, more of a service, more of a fuller experience, not just cars,” Therese said. “What we do is we (have people) go to the museum, they go there and get hungry, they need a break; take a break, but they don’t have to leave. Restoring cars and getting a new generation interested is important, Moncrief said. “There are so many people still restoring cars ... that generation is retiring and leaving that profession quickly,” she said. “It is really harder and harder for these guys to find people to help them with their cars.” The grill next door will also complement and boost business, Therese said.

“People eat more often then they see a good museum,” she said. “If they came and they’ve already been, they’ve already memorized everything, but car guys are such communal people. They love sharing what they have. With each other. With anybody else. That’s why they have car shows, that’s why they have cruises.” The museum’s inventory will be rotated on a consistent basis since it has collectors that let the museum borrow its cars for showcasing purposes. The project will help the community with business and give residents something new to do, Moncrief said. Excerpts and photo from full article at Weatherford Democrat.


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